Needs Cards

Max Stjohn
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50 x high gloss, 400 GSM needs cards and e-booklet.

These cards represent needs - the building blocks of wellbeing.

Each of the 50 cards features a word that corresponds to a universal human need.

Use them in workshops - to bring instant connection and rapport to a group.

Use them in team meetings - to cut through conflict and confusion.

Use them on your own - to get clarity on what's really going on for you.

They're designed to take a bit of a battering (but they don't like getting wet!)

Your cards will be made to order - you can expect them to arrive in around 7-10 days (sometimes sooner).

£40 per set including postage and packing within the UK.

If you're in the United States or mainland Europe, get in touch via

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Needs Cards

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